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Syntagmatic Structure

Syntagmatic structure refers the mode of time-awareness in which listeners are placed by the surface structure (syntax) of the narrative discourse.

Simple Narrative

A simple narrative is a story that is historically and culturally grounded and shaped by human personality. It organizes a particular stretch of time into a conscious experience.

Epic Narrative

Epic narratives are prolonged stories of the life of heroic or mythological persons. They create a cyclical state of recurrence. See Monomyth.

Lyrical Narrative

Lyrical narratives are stories conveyed in verses that are to be accompanied by music. The discourse uses elements of metre and symmetry and a relatively short time period.

Literary Genres

The development of written narrative has produced a number of distinct fashions or literary styles of narrative discourse. Some common styles are:

An Autobiographical Novel is the fictionalized story of an author's life as seen by the author.

An Epistolary Novel is a story presented as an exchange of letters between characters.

A Historical Novel is a story set within the context of historical events. Protagonists may be fictional or historical personages, or a combination.

Hysterical Realism is a literary genre characterized by chronic length, manic characters, madding action, and frequent digressions on topics secondary to the story.

Magic Realism is a form of story that realistically describes events set in a magical haze of strange local customs and beliefs. Gabriel García Márquez is a master of this style.

A Pastiche is a literary form that openly imitates previous works of another artist, often with satirical intent.

A Picaresque Novel is an episodic narrative of the adventures of a rogue on the road. Tom Jones is a classic example.

Roman à clef is a story that describes real-life events behind a facade of fiction.

Satire is literary style in which human weakness is attacked through irony, derision, or wit.

Stream of Consciousness is a narrative discourse that proposes to reveal a character's inner thought processes.

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